The Soldier in later Medieval England

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Muster roll database

The online muster roll database currently holds just under 94,962 service records. These are taken from muster rolls, housed in The National Archives (TNA), for the years 1369 - 1453.


Protection database

The online protection and attorney database currently holds 25,495 records. These are taken from the treaty rolls, gascon rolls and scottish rolls housed in The National Archives (TNA), for the years 1369 - 1453. This database should be used with care, as unlike the muster roll database a protection or attorney only indicates an intention to serve, rather than actual service.

See Source Information for more detail on this source.


Normandy Garrison database

The Normandy Garrison database contains 128,525 records drawn from mainly French repositories and record service for the English crown, in the occupation of Normandy from 1415 - 1453. We will add more information about these data and where they are drawn from shortly .

Please be patient as the results may take up to 10 seconds to be returned, depending on the search carried out.