The Soldier in Later Medieval England

The French present at Agincourt

name first name chronicle other sources
Ailly Raoul
Argennes jean de Monstrelet
Azincourt Isambard Monstrelet: pillaging the camp
Behencourt Jean de, dit de Chin Gallia Regia V, 414; captain of Beauvais
Belleval Rogue de bouzy notes, escaped
Binet Pappin, seigneur de Coquerel bouzy notes, escaped
Bosredon Louis de BL Add Ch 3466, recruiting troops for duke of Orleans
Boucicaut Geffroi Le Maingre, seigneur de Breuildore Berry Anselme VI, 754, governor of the Dauphine
Bourdon Louis, sire de Religeux; Monstrelet: on wing with cavalry
Bournel Louis bouzy notes, escaped
Bournonville Lyonnel AN JJ 169 no. 283: his petition of October 1416 notes his presence (Schnerb, Bournonville)
Bournonville Robinet Le Fevre: attacks baggage
Brabant Clignet, admiral Religieux, Ruisseauville (cavalry);Monstrelet: on wing
Champenaus Aleaume de Berry: amongst French commanders, escapes
Clamace Riflart Monstrelet : raiding the camp
Coucy Pierre de AN JJ 172/399
Dammartin Charles de la Riviere, comte de Dammartin Monstrelet: in the rearguard cour amoureuse 109
Engenes Jean Berry
Fosseux Philippe, seigneur d’Ailly,dit le Borgne cour amoureuse no. 314; Anselme VI, p. 113
Franqueville Hue de bouzy notes escaped
Franqueville jean de bouzy notes escaped
Gapennes Aleaume Le Fevre: in command of wing
Gaules seigneur de Berry, Religieux; Monstrelet
Grandpre Ferry de, seigneur de Verpel Anselme II 322
Gripennes Alleaume Berry; assigned to cavalry
Harcourt Jean, seigneur d’Auvers Anselme V, 134 (escaped)
Madaillan Armaulton de, seigneur de Montviel Moreri IV, 768
Mailly Ferry de Monstrelet: in cavalry on wing
Malet de Graville Jean, seigneur de Graville, Montaigu Berry; assigned to cavalry (may be confusion with his father Guy)
Plamasse Rifflart de Monstrelet: attacks English camp
Saint-Nectaire Armand de Anselme IV, 889
Saveuses Hector monstrelet: in cavalry on wing
Saveuses Philippe de monstrelet: in cavalry on wing
Tourzel Molinot de AN Xia 4791, fol. 297r- 298 r (1417) dispute with locals includes debate on his actions at battle
Wavrin Jean, lord of Forestal Le Fevre as present and source of information; he admits his own presence in his chronicle
Chastel Taneguy? Morosini: (provost of Paris) in list of dead but unlikely he was present Anselme VIII 357
Longny sire de? Monstrelet: approaching with 600 men of Duke Louis of Anjou, meets fleeing soldiers, and returns to Rouen